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Social Security Disability

Clauson law was founded over 11 years ago, focusing on helping the disabled. We have helped thousands of clients across the United States in Social Security disability cases. Whether you have an initial application, need to appeal a denial, or go to a hearing, and no matter where you are, we can help. Give us a call.

Auto Accident

If you have been injured in a car crash in North Carlina, and the accident was not your fault, we may be able to help. Medical bills and lost wages can get overwhelming. Whether you were injured in a car accident, motorcycle accident, or tractor trailer accident, we can help. Please review the information on our site and give us a call.

Dangerous Drugs & Devices

Clauson law is dedicated to helping clients injured by dangerous drugs and medical devices, and represents clients injured by dangerous drugs across the United States. We are committed to fighting for people who have been injured because of the negligence of large pharmaceutical companies. Please review some of the current cases we are assisting clients with below.

We represent clients across the country in Social Security disability and Dangerous Drug Cases.

Clauson Law attorneys and staff are passionate, competitive, and creative. They love their job and are naturally motivated to fight for what they believe in: the legal rights of their clients. With owner Vaughn Clauson and his experienced team, rest assured that you will have competent and trustworthy representation, to quickly resolve even the most complicated legal dilemmas.

We represent clients across the country in Social Security disability and Mass Tort Cases.
We represent clients across North Carolina in Personal Injury and Auto Accident Cases.

From Asheville to Wilmington, Clauson law is committed to helping clients across NC injured in auto accidents. From fender benders to cases involving severe injuries, Clauson law is committed to helping injured North Carolinians. If you have been injured in a car accident in North Carolina, be sure your first call is Clauson law.

We represent clients across the North Carolina in Personal Injury and Auto Accident Cases.

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Injury & Disability Lawyers FAQ’s

For disability purposes, what you have to prove at a hearing is the same regardless of whether the case concerns SSI or Disability: you still have to go through the five-step sequential evaluation process. The programs differ in their technical requirements for disability.

Supplemental Security Income benefits (SSI) is a disability program for those who have little or no income or resources, except for an automobile, a home and furnishings, and are disabled. If you receive either money (earned or unearned) from any source, or assistance in the form of food, clothing, or shelter, that amount may be reduced.

Disability Insurance benefits (DIB) is a disability program for persons who have worked and paid Social Security Taxes for 20 out of the last 40 quarters, generally speaking, and are disabled. It also pays for dependents of the disabled to a certain extent. The amount of DIB is computed based upon average monthly earnings according to a computer program created by Social Security, and is unaffected by any other income you might get. If you are eligible for both types of Disability benefits—as some of my clients are—your payments will be subject to a complicated formula called the Windfall Offset, which reduces your SSI payments by the amount that should have been paid had the DIB been paid first.

The “inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity because of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment which can be expected to result in death or has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months.” Unlike Worker Compensation, or VA Disability, under Social Security you are either completely disabled, or not disabled. There is no such thing as partial, or percentage, of disability.

The hearings are not like any court proceeding, in that the normal rules of evidence do not apply, although you will be sworn (or affirmed) as a witness for testimony, and medical evidence will be admitted formally to a written record referred to as your official file for purposes of the hearing. Typically attending are the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), a court reporter and you and your representative. In some cases, the ALJ has a medical doctor (a medical expert or “ME”) or vocational expert (“VE”) present to testify at the hearing. In some cases (where a client alleges that they have seizures, for example), there may be other witnesses your attorney will want to have present to testify on your behalf, but this is rare.

No, you can file as soon as you become disabled. Most people make the mistake of waiting too long to file for benefits. If you and your doctor believe that you won’t be able to return to work for at least a year, or your doctor or therapist advises you to seek disability benefits, or you have been to Vocational Rehabilitation and they have said you are too sick to be able to benefit from their services, it is time to file for disability. In fact, if you wait more than a year after becoming disabled before filing for benefits, you may be losing valuable months of past-due benefits.

Unless you are homebound, go to your local Social Security office and apply in person. Even if you have an appointment, you may have to wait several hours before you actually meet with a claims representative who will take your application. If you cannot appear in person, call 1-800-772-1213 and schedule a telephone interview with a claims representative who can take your claim over the phone. This is not as satisfactory as actually sitting in front of a claims representative, but will get the job of filing done.WHEN YOU FILE YOUR CLAIM, BE SURE TO BRING ALL THE INFORMATION SOCIAL SECURITY NEEDS, INCLUDING THE NAMES AND CONTACT NUMBERS FOR YOUR TREATING DOCTORS AND MEDICAL CLINICS. ALSO, ANSWER SOCIAL SECURITY’S QUESTIONS THOROUGHLY AND COMPLETELY SO AS NOT TO MISLEAD THE EXAMINERS. See “giving incomplete information,” under “Mistakes Claimants Make,” above.

Car accidents may cause a variety of injuries due to variations in the speed of both vehicles, the location of the accident, and your location in the vehicle. Soft-tissue injuries, like sprains, strains, and whiplash, are a common concern in most accidents. You may also have head or chest injuries after an accident. Broken bones may occur in head-on collisions or accidents that occur at a fast speed.

In an ideal world, your auto insurance policy would cover the costs of medical care, damage to your car, and related costs after an auto accident. Sadly, the coverage you have on your vehicle may not always be enough to cover the costs of a major accident. The details of any policy will vary based on the type of insurance you purchase, so review your coverage to clarify what you can expect from your insurance provider.

Call the police and emergency services immediately after an accident. By calling immediately after an accident, all parties have the details of the accident fresh in their minds and the information is provided in the police report. It also ensures that you, any passengers in your vehicle, and other parties involved in the accident get appropriate medical care.

Contact our law firm when you have gotten appropriate medical care for your injuries and you have a copy of the police report. In North Carolina, the statute of limitations on auto accident cases is three years, so you want to file the case before the statute of limitations expires. The sooner you file the case, the better it is for your situation.

Evidence is a critical part of any legal case. For a car accident, you want to obtain a copy of the police report and take pictures of the scene of the accident. You also want pictures of the damages to your vehicle. Medical reports documenting your injuries will also help with your case. If witnesses were available, then ask for their contact information and for an official statement.

Client Testimonials

I must say that I truly believe they have compassion for clients. Response time is fast , they always answer the Phone and they are very Proactive, I would like to thank the Clauson law firm staff and my attorney Ari Sibrey. She made me feel very comfortable and she answered all of my questions when I felt nervous . I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who is seeking a lawyer. Once again Thank you for taking my case !


The Clayson law firm helped me get my SSI and they were such a blessing🙏.I would really advise you to call them when u need a law firm... They keep in touch with you and you actually talk to a real person.... They have my appreciation and respect... Thank you


Brandon Forbes handled my case and was a pleasure to work with, from start to finish. He was professional, responsive, and caring - all of the qualities you want in an attorney. I would recommend the firm.

Mary Lisa

With what is going on in this world today, I am grateful to express my respects to how this law firm represented me. I truly believe he respects people of color and cares for who you are no matter what. I always will love this law firm. Thank you for changing my life. I will keep sharing my experience with others. Many are afraid due to color but I encourage them to know you are not alone and this law firm can help you!!!!Thank you,Tracy


This is a great law firm. Ari Sibrey was a great lawyer to work with. She explained the process and all of my questions. Most importantly she was accessible. I give Mrs. Sibrey all the credit for a successful conclusion in my Social Security Disability case. Thank also to the rest of the Clauson Firm.


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